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From: Peter Torres <mytorresfamily@yahoo.com>
To: A-Pro Home Inspection Services <aprosanantonio@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Client 1 Year Follow Up Referral Request Hello A-Pro,  I just wanted to thank you for your honest and professional roof inspection you provided me about a year ago.  As I told you during my home inspection, I was previously denied 2 separate hail storm claims with State Farm Insurance.  Although there were homes directly next door and across the street that sustained enough hail damage to have their roofs completely replaced by their insurance companies,  State Farm indicated that I had no hail damage to my roof.  In fact there was a total of 14 homes surrounding my home that had their roof replaced due to that hail storm.  I was told that the hail damage on my home was isolated to only the patio area roof. It has taken some time, but after I filed a law suite in July of 2012 against State Farm they sent 2 other appraisers that again said that there was no damage due to the high pitch of my roof structure.  Just prior to going to court in December, State Farm Insurance agreed to a settlement for all damages and all attorneys fees associated with this lawsuit.  I believe that your detailed inspection report indicating where all the hail damage was left no question that State Farm Insurance was simply trying to deny yet another insurance storm claim.  It is unfortunate that some consumers must go through the entire legal process to simply have paid to them what was due in the first place.  Should you ever need a personal recommendation for a future client please feel free to have them contact me directly.   I would be more than happy to recommend your services to any perspective customer. Sincerely Peter Torres 361-779-2174

From: Norstrom, Dan <Dan.Norstrom@nustarenergy.com> Subject: Norstrom- Inspection request To: “aprosanantonio@yahoo.com” <aprosanantonio@yahoo.com>  Good afternoon, We would like to book your services again.   About three years ago you performed a pre-listing inspection for us before we sold our home and were extremely impressed- you helped us identify numerous issues that we corrected and we sold our home in record time in a bad market. We are now under contract to buy a home (VA) in Boerne, TX  and would like you to perform the inspection. We would like enhanced/detailed inspections of the following key items: In-ground pool  (Formal concrete pool- want to get idea on status of pumps, valves, filters) Well  (Pump/casing condition and water quality specifically from the well) Septic (Mapping of drain field/condition) Plumbing (House has numerous exterior spigots and concern about status/condition/depth of line from well to house) Electrical (House has several breaker boxes that feed circuits around the property in addition to the house) I’ll follow up with a call.  Will be great working with you again- you were are first choice- period. Dan P. Norstrom Strategic Planning/Corporate Development NuStar Energy L.P. 2330 N LOOP 1604 W SAN ANTONIO TX 78248 PH: 210.918.2911 Email: dan.norstrom@nustarenergy.com


Trust you will get phenomenal service!!

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Claudia –
A-Pro was a true pro. He came highly recommended and found things with my new house that I wuld never have guessed as well as gave me advice of what to look for down the road. I used him for a new build home and it was worth every penny. This is the best money I have ever spent. A-Pro truely are professionals and you can’t go wrong.?
A-Pro Home Inspection Services –
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By spidermaynee –
Apro Home Inspection Services was the most professional home inspection service I have ever used, A-Pro before but they are very accurate and found problems with the home I was going to buy, I did not even know existed! Thank God for people like this who actually go above and beyond and get the job done.?

A-Pro Home Inspection Services -Verified owner


World Class Service!!

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By griffta03 –
I bought a new home in NW San Antonio and I had A-Pro inspect it. The builder said I did not need a third party inspection, but my dad convinced me to do it. I have to say Thanks Dad! A-Pro found so many problems with my NEW house! I’m never trusting a builder again! The report had pictures that pointed everything out and they gave me all kinds of free stuff with the inspection. They even guaranteed my inspection with a  Guaranteed policy for 4 months!! I called around when I was looking for a home inspector, but NOBODY offered what A_Pro did.

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